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What is Nurse Coaching?


Do you or someone you love struggle with making meaningful changes related to health or wellbeing?  Maybe with weight loss, a chronic health condition, finding direction, or having a healthy, well-balanced life? 


Do you feel self sabotaged, like your own worst enemy when trying to achieve a healthy, happy life?  Do you find yourself too tired to do the things you believe would achieve these goals?

Do you have a health condition that has gotten out of control?  Maybe it feels like it's on center stage in your life instead of having your focus on your family, career, or self care?  Do you need help getting things under control or with making some tough decisions?


Do you question the direction your life has taken and wish you could follow your heart, but feel weighed down by responsibilities, finances, or not knowing the first steps for change?

If you answered yes to any of the above, we can help!  Nurse coaches guide clients who struggle with feeling stuck and overwhelmed. We listen intently and help identify realistic, personalized steps for real, lasting change.

Nurse coaching is a process of client-led, goal oriented discovery.  Through a process of strength identification, self-exploration, and identification of barriers to change, clients are able to realize new solutions and become empowered in the process.  Coaching is not about the coach telling the client "what to do."  It is completely driven by the client's hopes and individual circumstances.  The accountability of the coaching process can play a huge role in achieving goals for many people.

Nurse coaches work with a variety of clients and help them find their way towards a brighter future by offering clarity to the confused, a way forward for the lost, and hope for those with little.  Nurse coaches are change agents.  Rather than telling clients what they "should do", we listen to their story, their struggles, and their barriers, and help them find real direction.

The accountability, support, and guidance helps clients experience real, meaningful change.  At Manifest Wellbeing, we combine nurse coaching skills into our functional medicine consults- helping clients uncover the root cause of their concerns. 

Visit the services page to get started, email with questions, and join our mailing list for more information on coaching sessions and upcoming workshops.

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