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What Clients Are Saying

"Brigitte listens to whatever your concerns might be and definitely seems to pay attention and try and give you the best custom care plan for your needs. She doesn't get over-alarmed about things but also doesn't disregard concerns, which is a huge deal to me."


" I'm typically a little nervous when seeing my doctor but Brigitte has the ability to bring comfort which makes for a good appointment. She's a good listener, answers all my questions, and explains her answers if needed. I'm comfortable asking her personal/emotional questions without feeling judged. My time with her never feels like there's a stop watch running somewhere.  I am a grateful patient. "

- Monica

"Both my daughter and I see Brigitte and I have always felt that our needs have been met and exceeded. She takes her time and doesn't rush through appointments, and always offers a solution (if not more than one). I would 10/10 recommend her to anyone seeking a provider who listens, shows a true concern for patients, has stellar bedside manner and treats you like a real person instead of just a number. "


"I found Brigitte Sager via my naturopath. I've appreciated her ability to listen to my issues and find a solution that is consistent with my wish to find a solution rather than simply treat a symptom. I would highly recommend her."


" Brigitte Sager is one of the best providers I have seen. I leave feeling like she genuinely cares about my health and makes the best decisions towards my well being."

- Jackie

"I have only had great experiences with Brigitte. She listens intently and truly cares about my emotional and physical well being. She works along side her patients to get them the care they deserve."


"What a wonderful time to look at your life and the areas to improve.  Brigitte is so knowledgeable, and the information she had was so informative.  Thank you for setting new roads in my life.  I feel motivated to make positive changes and have already started."


" My six week wellness class was so informative.  I took away so much useful information on my mental and physical health, diet, and nutrition.  It made me conscious of my own health risks, diet, relationships...  It was so well rounded."

- Jodie

"The six week wellness group gave me valuable resources and tools to benefit my personal health and growth.  All the information was good, great resources.  I was able to listen and gain knowledge from others.  It gave me tools and resources to explore for my own health and reaffirmed that some things I am doing are healthy. "


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