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Common Labs and Links


Diagnostic tests can be a very useful took in discovering underlying causes of dis-ease and to monitor progress of a chosen treatment plan.  Many labs are covered to some degree by health insurance plans, but some may results in a copay or are not covered.  This varies with individual client insurance plans.

Testing I commonly use in my practice includes:

Blood work including common labs like CBC, comprehensive thyroid testing, metabolic testing, etc. is often helpful information, and I use Evexia for ordering labs that can be completed for most patients at a local LabCorp office.

I frequently order testing from Genova Diagnostics for testing cortisol levels, comprehensive stool testing, and organic acid testing among others.


Detailed reports from OmegaQuant are useful for testing Omega 3 levels in the blood.

For comprehensive hormone testing, I often recommend DUTCH urine testing by Precision Analytical.

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