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Yoga for Health and Happiness: My Review and Recommendations for Yoga Burn

As a primary care provider, I'm amazed how often I prescribe Yoga with great results. I have found it to be a real, proven solution for so many health related concerns including decreasing stress, relieving anxiety, reducing inflammation, improving heart health, improving quality of life, fighting depression, reducing chronic pain, improving sleep quality, improving flexibility, balance, breathing, relieving migraines, promoting healthy eating habits, and increasing strength according to Personally, I've done yoga at home on and off for years. I definitely have shared in the fear many of my patients have that I can't do the poses like the yoga instructors, that I'm not flexible enough, or need to join a class to get started.

Luckily, I've gotten enough benefit from yoga that I don't care anymore how perfectly I do the poses. I find if I do it regularly, I have no back pain which I've otherwise had a daily problem with ever since I started lifting patients in the hospital many years ago. I also notice I manage stress better and sleep better. Yoga has increased my flexibility and strength.

Yoga is actually rivals with counseling as the number one treatment for mild to moderate anxiety and depression. When patients suffering from anxiety and depression are followed over time, those that practice yoga improved equally as those that attend counseling, and in many studies both improved better than those that took medication alone.

A few months ago, I came across Yoga Burn which is an interesting twist on yoga. It was developed by Zoe Bray-Cotton, a fitness and yoga instructor with over ten years of experience helping thousands of women lose weight and tone their bodies. She has developed multiple programs including a six month yoga system Yoga Burn Ultimate Monthly Challenge, her original weight loss and flexibility program Original Yoga Burn, Total Body Challenge which is a weight loss and toning program using resistance bands to enhance results, a core targeting program called Total Core Challenge, and a booty conditioning challenge, Yoga Burn Booty Challenge.

With the beginning of the year being a time many are seeking a new workout routine, I wanted to review the programs I've used so far.

I'm currently doing Total Body Challenge which is a twelve week program incorporating classic yoga poses with resistance band movements to facilitate weight loss, increase strength and flexibility, and the added resistance bands combined with yoga poses lead to longer, leaner, more toned muscles. Each week is progressively more challenging with a new workout each week. It is difficulty to get bored. The workouts are meant to be done three times weekly, and she recommends taking a rest day between each workout day. Workouts are 15 minutes, and are to be done x1 on day one, x2 on day three, and x3 on day five each week. I really like fifteen minute workouts, because I'm often quite pressed for time, but typically can manage one of my 15 minute sessions during my lunch break or between other activities at home in the evening. I'm not a morning person, but I imagine getting up an extra fifteen minutes earlier would not be too challenging.

A month ago, I added in Total Core Challenge. This workout is specific to core strengthening. It is intended to be done 15 minutes, three times per week. I have added it before each Total Body Challenge session, and the workouts are not so similar that they overlap. The Total Core Challenge is also progressively more challenging each week, and lasts eight weeks in total.

Other workouts in her lineup include:

the Yoga Burn Booty Challenge, which is 15 minutes three times per week for twelve weeks, and is focused on lifting and toning the buttocks.

the Original Yoga Burn system, which is 45 minutes three times per week. Most of the review I've read claim this one is the most extensive, leads to the most weight loss, and requires the most time commitment.

After doing Yoga Burn workouts for a few months, can I do all the poses? Nope, but I get better every workout. My back pain is gone. My waist is tighter. I'm sleeping more soundly, and I feel like I am handling stress better than before the program.

My favorite things about her programs include her positive attitude, how quickly I can squeeze the 15 minute sessions in, how quickly results are noticed, and the supportive and motivating groups on Facebook and Instagram.

Zoe is very positive without feeling like a cheerleader or being obnoxious. She's honestly adorable. She does a great time of explaining the poses, reminding you how to do them correctly, staying positive and motivating, and she offers modifications to many poses in case you have any limitations in joints or flexibility.

I joined her Facebook groups Yoga Burn Tribe and Instagram page Yoga Burn. I have since started recommended my patients add the Facebook group (and they love it too), because it has over 70,000 members that are very supportive and motivating. Users post before and after pictures often, and I have found this has helped me stay accountable. The before and after pictures are VERY motivating, and they're from real women. I also love that women of all shapes and sizes, and of varying degrees of fitness and flexibility, all support one another. I have seen so many posts about chronic conditions such as migraines, anxiety, depression, back pain, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. where many women chime in with the health benefits of Yoga Burn programs and increase confidence that there is hope for those just getting started.

My only complaint about the program is the advertising in emails. I've bought all five programs, and each one signed me up for a new sales chain of emails. Initially, there were also informational emails that I wanted, but the sales emails became excessive. I do recommend unsubscribing from emails after you get all the program deals your are interested in. She also posts the deals on the Facebook and Instagram pages often, so really no need to stay subscribed to the emails.

Most of the programs are $37 for a digital and DVD combo, or $57 if you want a copy for a friend as well. I often see these on sale for $25 plus shipping. Luckily, you get the digital code soon after placing your order, so you can start experiencing the benefits right away and seeing changes within a few short weeks!

Overall, I enthusiastically recommend the Yoga Burn systems, and the quick results are a great way to reinforce continued compliance. To be completely transparent, it is important I mention that I am now an affiliate of Yoga Burn's program, and clicking to buy through the links above and below do lead to a small financial incentive for me, personally. Regardless, I am recommending this program to all of my appropriate patients in primary care, because I think the potential benefit is so great, and love the supportive, motivating Facebook group. Consider trying any of the Yoga Burn systems here, via this link Yoga Burn.

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